Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morgan K. Wyatt

Undercover Rebel
Rebel Hearts Book One

Undercover Rebel Synopsis 
Emily Sewell couldn't remember when she fell in love with her neighbor, Gray Masterson. He unfortunately didn't really notice her as a woman until the eve of his leaving to fight in the Civil War. A magical evening ensued with him asking her to wait for him. News that he's been killed on the battlefield propels her into action. She knows he is alive - she just has to find him. The only thing between her and her true love is miles of swamp land, a major war, and her own doubts. Emily wrestles with Gray's possible death, imprisonment, or that he's unwilling to return to her. Can a sheltered Southern Belle navigate the horrors of war to retrieve her fiancé? Emily is willing to try.

Give us 10 reasons why we should read your book? 

It will make you sigh.
It will make you laugh.
You’ll learn about the Eastern coastline.
It includes a short tutorial how to load a Navy Colt.
It will introduce you to a charming alpha male in Gray.
You’ll cheer for Emily in her search for a fiance.
You’ll be amazed what the Widow Jones will do to get a  man.
It will give you a greater respect for draft horses.
You’ll learn the dangers of a New England winter.

Best of all, you’ll have fun.

Author Bio
Morgan as a child had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jump-start their lives. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want.
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Formats: All eBook types
Publisher: Crimson Romance

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  1. I love the premise - who can resist a woman searching for the man she loves in the midst of chaos? Wishing you many sales, Morgan!

  2. Nice little teaser there Morgan! Good luck with the sales..:)


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